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Welcome to the KCiX
KCIX Daily Utilization
KCIX Weekly Utilization
KCIX Monthly Utilization
1.28 Tbps Switching 1.28Tb/s SWITCHING

The Kansas City Internet eXchange is built on Cisco and Brocade switches with over 1.2Tb/s switching capacity and 900 mp/s forwarding. This allows our members to benefit from line rate switching within our nodes.

Five Locations 6 LOCATIONS

KCiX currently operates 3 nodes and features 2 extension nodes in the Kansas City Area. We also feature 1 extension node in Minneapolis MN. Connections can be made with either copper up to 1Gbps, fiber up to 40Gbps QSFP, or multiple ports in a LAG.

No Fees Internet Exchange NO FEES

The Kansas City Internet eXchange is a free and open peering point available to anyone meeting the peering requirements. We operate as a member driven organization and as such, rely on the generosity of our members and others for needed resources.


The KCiX offers the following services free of charge:

  • Dedicated Ethernet port for peering
  • Access to the KCiX membership control panel
  • Access to the KCiX members mailing list
  • MPLA Route Server
  • Private Peering

Physical Connections Available (Varies by node):

  • Copper 100Mbps and 1Gbps
  • Fiber 1Gbps, 10Gbps, or 40Gbps
  • Multiple port LAGs Available
KCiX does not provide hosting, colocation, local loop, or internet service.

MemberAS#KCiX V4 IPKCiX V6 IPBandwidthNodePeering
Wholesale Internet32097206.51.7.12001:504:1B:1::110Gbpsoak1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
1&1 Internet8560206.51.7.22001:504:1B:1::210Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
JCHost 17019206.51.7.32001:504:1B:1::3 1Gbpsbur1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
WAN Security1421206.51.7.42001:504:1B:1::4 10Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Hurricane Electric6939206.51.7.52001:504:1B:1::52x 10Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Unreal Servers64236206.51.7.92001:504:1B:1::91Gbpsoak1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Joe's DataCenter 19969206.51.7.102001:504:1B:1::10 10Gbpsoak1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
KANREN 2495206.51.7.152001:504:1B:1::15 10Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Thomas Glass205777206.51.7.162001:504:1B:1::161Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Jack Fillan207080206.51.7.172001:504:1B:1::171Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Bluebird Network62943206.51.7.202001:504:1B:1::20 10Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Hao Long133846206.51.7.232001:504:1B:1::231Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Jacob Slater203729206.51.7.262001:504:1B:1::261Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Mitsuha Networks205590206.51.7.272001:504:1B:1::271Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Rhys Williams 60271206.51.7.282001:504:1B:1::281Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Ben Cartwright-Cox206924206.51.7.292001:504:1B:1::291Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Google Fiber16591206.51.7.302001:504:1B:1::30 10Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Electraflux, LTD41139206.51.7.312001:504:1B:1::311Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
BankonIT 46416206.51.7.322001:504:1B:1::32 1Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Google Cache36040206.51.7.332001:504:1B:1::33 10Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Cloudflare 13335206.51.7.342001:504:1B:1::34 20Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
k12 itc, Inc15188206.51.7.362001:504:1B:1::36 10Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Jack Henry & Associates14010206.51.7.392001:504:1B:1::391Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Kansas Fiber Network, LLC13329206.51.7.402001:504:1B:1::4010Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netRestrictiveY
Packet Layer63368206.51.7.422001:504:1B:1::4210Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Central States Security LLC396236206.51.7.432001:504:1B:1::431Gbpsoak1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Aperture Networks 202562206.51.7.442001:504:1B:1::441Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Park Hill School District36112206.51.7.472001:504:1B:1::4710Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netRestrictiveY
Park Hill School District36112206.51.7.482001:504:1B:1::4810Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netRestrictiveY
US Internet10242206.51.7.492001:504:1B:1::4910Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
LightEdge Solutions11320206.51.7.512001:504:1B:1::5110Gbpsund1.mci.kcix.netSelectiveY
Southwest MN Broadband25715206.51.7.532001:504:1B:1::5310Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Tommy Bowditch51391206.51.7.542001:504:1B:1::541Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
KwiKom Communications53703206.51.7.552001:504:1B:1::5510Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Great Plains Communications13807206.51.7.562001:504:1B:1::5610Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
United Telecom30174206.51.7.572001:504:1B:1::5710Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
1&1 Internet8560206.51.7.582001:504:1B:1::5810Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Glynn Devins Inc.46574206.51.7.592001:504:1B:1::591Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netSelectiveN
Misaka Network LLC57695206.51.7.602001:504:1B:1::601Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
George Dimitrov Palmer203146206.51.7.612001:504:1B:1::611Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Minnesota Voip32621206.51.7.632001:504:1B:1::63 10Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenY
Compudyne, Inc47096206.51.7.642001:504:1B:1::6410Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenY
LTD Broadband LLC394330206.51.7.652001:504:1B:1::6510Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenY
Verus Corporation26156206.51.7.662001:504:1B:1::661Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenN
Genesis Technology 30032206.51.7.672001:504:1B:1::671Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenN
Paul Bunyan Communications14371206.51.7.682001:504:1B:1::6810Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenN
ClaimLynx, Inc.62708206.51.7.692001:504:1B:1::6910Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenN
Consolidated Telephone Co.64227206.51.7.712001:504:1B:1::7110Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenY
AirLink Internet Services27027206.51.7.722001:504:1B:1::721Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Packet Clearing House3856206.51.7.742001:504:1B:1::741Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Stellar Association, LLC36374206.51.7.752001:504:1B:1::7510Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenN
Rickey S Francis Jr202322206.51.7.762001:504:1B:1::761Gbpstcy1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Sho-Me Technologies, LLC55140206.51.7.782001:504:1B:1::7810Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
Wikstrom Telephone Company, Inc.33362206.51.7.792001:504:1B:1::7910Gbpsmnv1.msp.kcix.netOpenN
Xiber LLC393950206.51.7.802001:504:1B:1::8010Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
United Electric Cooperative Inc.393442206.51.7.812001:504:1B:1::8110Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Mutual Telephone Company15165206.51.7.822001:504:1B:1::8210Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenN
Wholesale Internet32097206.51.7.1002001:504:1B:1::10020Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
KCIX Route Server40542206.51.7.1262001:504:1B:1::1261Gbpsgnd1.mci.kcix.netOpenY
General peering and route server information can be obtained by emailing

Want to become a member? Fill in following information to get started. We will contact you once your request has been reviewed.


  • Oak Tower
  • Oak Tower 10th Floor
    Brocade VDX 6720-60

    324 E 11th Street. Suite 1000
    Kansas City, MO 64106

  • The Cable Building
  • The Cable Building
    Brocade VDX 6720-60

    1321 Burlington Road, Suite 500
    North Kansas City, MO 64116

  • 1102 Grand
  • Netrality 1102 Grand
    Cisco Nexus C3064PQ

    1102 Grand Blvd. 6th Floor
    Kansas City, MO 64106

  • 1325 Tracy
  • Joe's Datacenter, LLC
    Brocade FastIron GS FGS648P

    1325 Tracy Ave
    Kansas City, MO 64106

  • LightEdge Kansas City
  • LightEdge Solutions
    Brocade ICX6610-48S

    9050 NE Underground Drive, Pillar 312
    Kansas City, MO 64161

  • 511 Building - MNVoiP Extension
  • Minnesota VoIP
    Arista DCS-7148S

    511 11th Ave South Suite 100
    Minneapolis, MN 55415

*** The KCIX does not charge any peering or port fees. Some extension switches or locations may incur fees depending on the providers options for interconnect.
Please contact us or the node operator if you have questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is KCiX?
    KCIX is a Free Internet Exchange Point (FIXP) created and operating since 2006. It provides a physical ethernet switched infrastructure to ISPs and Internet related business companies to exchange IP traffic.
  • Why is peering at The Kansas City Internet Exchange free?
    KCIX has been created to help Internet development and traffic optimization in the Kansas City Metropolitain Area. With no recurring charge members can easily exchange traffic and optimize their network performances. KCIX wants to provide companies an alternative peering network for performance and redundancy reasons.
  • May I sell Internet transit over KCiX?
    Please contact us with details.
  • Who are KCiX members?
    Most members are ISPs, ASPs or Telecom operators.
  • May I sell services to others members using KCIX?
    Yes you may.
  • Who can join KCiX?
    Any legal entity with a valid Autonomous System Number (ASN) is welcome at KCiX.
  • How can I join KCiX?
    First read and make sure you agree to our policies and then fill out the form above. We will get back to you with instructions
  • What are KCiX usage policy/rules?
    KCiX usage policy is available here
  • Is KCiX really free of charge?
    Since 2006 KCiX has provided interconnections free of charge. While connecting to us is free, you may incur cross connect or other fees from the host datacenter.
  • How is KCiX working technically?
    KCIX is based on Brocade VDX switches. Our route server is a Cisco ASR. Each POP is interconnected through dark fiber.
  • Does KCiX sell bandwidth/colocation/web hosting/etc?
    No. We are strictly an exchange point. Our sponsors can provide you with other services as needed.

Contact Information:

icon 11321 Burlington, Suite F, North Kansas City, MO 64116

icon 2 (816) 550-9030

icon 3KCiX.NET

Management Information:

Executive Director - Aaron Wendel

Exchange Admin - Brandon Mulligan

Nocix INC 1102 Grand Hurricane Electric KCFiber Wholesale Internet Joes Data Center 1 and 1 LightEdge Solutions

The entities above have donated time, equipment, bandwidth, space, power, cooling or other goods and/or services critical to our operation. Without them there would be no eXchange, or worse, one you had to pay for.