[KCIX-Members] IPv6

KCIX Info info at kcix.net
Wed Jun 23 17:47:14 EDT 2010

KCIX received it's IPv6 allocation from ARIN today.  Special thanks to  
Hurricane Electric for footing the bill on that one.

We are assigning IPs from the 2001:0504:001B:1::/64 range.  IPs will  
be assigned only to v6 capable members.  That way when you look on the  
members list you'll know who you can receive v6 anouncements from and  
who you can't.

In addition, Hurricane Electric will offer free, yes free, v6 transit  
to v6 capable members up to 100Mbit.  For those of you that have been  
sitting on the fence about v6 this would be an excellent way to  
natively run it on your network without wrestling with your current  

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