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Founded and operating since 2006, KCIX was created to provide an affordable point of interconnect in Kansas City, MO. Using our experience, we operate an IX for our customers to help internet development and traffic optimization.


  • Aaron Wendel
  • Brandon Mulligan
  • Kevin Hodle


These are just some of our most frequently asked questions

What is KCIX?

KCIX is a Free Internet Exchange Point (FIXP) recently created in 2006. It provides a physical Ethernet switched infrastructure to ISPs and internet related business companies to exchange IP traffic.

Why is peering free?

KCIX has been created to help internet development and traffic optimization in the Kansas City area. Peering is free thanks to our supporters who continue to provide us with the services, hardware and labor that we need to continue servicing our peers.

Who are your peers?

Most members are ISPs, CSPs, RENs, or general telecoms operators. Please view our list of participants for more information.

Is this service really free of charge?

Since 2006 we have provided peering ports free of charge. While we don't charge port fees, you may incur a charge from the building providing the cross connect.

Do you sell internet, bandwidth, colocation, web hosting, etc.?

No, we are strictly an exchange point. Our supporters can provide you with other services as needed.

Who can join the peering exchange?

Any legal entity with a valid Autonomous System Number (ASN) able to connect is welcome at KCIX.

How can I participate in the exchange?

To get started, please fill out the Peering Request Form. For more details, check out How to Peer.

What are your usage policies?

Our usage policy is available here.

How are you working technically?

We are based on Cisco Nexus switches. Our primary route server is a Cisco ASR-1002-F, and we operate a secondary open source platform for redundancy and automation. Each POP is interconnected with dark fiber and our own MUX/DEMUX gear.

Can I resell services over KCIX?

Yes! We permit the sale of services over KCIX (transit, etc.). We ask that you please contact us prior to doing so.

Didn't answer your question? You can reach us at info@kcix.net

Want to peer with KCIX?

Fill out our Peering Request Form and we'll get you started.

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KCIX supporters

Special thanks to our supporters who through their continued generosity have made KCIX possible.