KCIX Participants

1530 Swift (Nocix): 113 Members
Network ▼ ASN KCIX IPv4 KCIX IPv6 Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
ZoneTech Networks Inc. 211272 2001:504:1B:1::61 1Gbps N/A AS-ZONETECH_TELECOMMU... Open
ZDM Network Solutions 36198 2001:504:1B:1::52 1Gbps /net/22992 AS-ZNSL-ALL Open
Zappie Host 61138 2001:504:1B:1::229 10Gbps /net/8507 AS-ZAPPIEHOST Open
Yuki Network 151349 2001:504:1B:1::179 10Gbps /net/33182 AS-YUKI-NET Open
Yifu Yu 44421 2001:504:1B:1::116 10Gbps /net/16209 AS-EVE Open
XXSL Network 210025 2001:504:1B:1::91 1Gbps /net/18174 AS-XXSL Open
Xtracts, LLC 55241 2001:504:1B:1::6 10Gbps /net/23762 AS-XTRACTS Open
Xiwei Network 212793 2001:504:1B:1::170 10Gbps N/A AS-XIWEI Open
Xinhao Luo 212243 2001:504:1B:1::27 10Gbps /net/25372 AS-XINHAO Open
Xentain Solutions Inc. 15353 2001:504:1B:1::233 10Gbps /net/34191 AS-XENTAIN Open
WJY LLC 53889 2001:504:1B:1::234 10Gbps /net/6242 AS-WJY Open
WireCat LLC 399888 2001:504:1B:1::25 10Gbps N/A AS-WIRECAT Open
Wholesale Internet 32097 2001:504:1B:1::1 100Gbps /net/3266 AS-WHOLESALE-INTERNET Open
wFlare LTD 203453 2001:504:1B:1::177 1Gbps /net/10466 AS-WFLARE_LTD Open
WANSIX 1421 2001:504:1B:1::222 10Gbps /net/31007 AS-WANSECURITY Open
VOIPster 32030 2001:504:1B:1::50 1Gbps /net/16794 AS-VOIPSTER Open
Veilios Hosting LLC 1002 2001:504:1B:1::210 10Gbps /net/30799 AS-1002-CUSTOMERS Open
VDS CORP. 59417 2001:504:1B:1::152 1Gbps N/A AS59417 Open
Ursin Filli 202427 2001:504:1B:1::231 1Gbps /net/31573 AS-FILLI Open
Unreal Servers 64236 2001:504:1B:1::9 1Gbps /net/19814 Open
Tritan Development 393577 2001:504:1B:1::182 10Gbps /net/31429 AS-TRITAN-CONE Open
Toontown Rewritten 46515 2001:504:1B:1::227 10Gbps /net/30490 AS-TOONTOWN Open
Tomas Leite de Castro 200454 2001:504:1B:1::188 1Gbps N/A AS-LEGACY Open
Taipei101 Network 202400 2001:504:1B:1::191 10Gbps /net/31544 AS-NOVEMBER Open
Tackitt, Inc. 397244 2001:504:1B:1::156 10Gbps N/A AS397244:AS-ALL Open
Staclar, Inc. 213189 2001:504:1B:1::96 1Gbps /net/23511 AS-STACLAR Open
Sloth Networks 25735 2001:504:1B:1::28 10Gbps /net/35029 AS-SLOTHNET Open
Silicondust USA Inc 400597 2001:504:1B:1::163 1Gbps /net/30837 AS-SILICONDUST Open
Sho-Me Technologies, LLC 55140 2001:504:1B:1::245 100Gbps /net/17170 AS-SHO-ME-TECHNOLOGIES Open
ServerForge LLC 23428 2001:504:1B:1::185 1Gbps N/A AS-SERVERFORGE, AS-SERVERFORGE Open
Serverfield Co., Ltd. 134094 2001:504:1B:1::223 10Gbps /net/17840 AS-SET-SERVERFIELD Open
Sebastian-Wilhelm Graf 39409 2001:504:1B:1::90 10Gbps N/A AS-SWG-IXP-KCIX Open
Rozint Ltd Co 21738 2001:504:1B:1::193 40Gbps /net/32569 AS-ROZINT Open
RightForge 400042 2001:504:1B:1::133 1Gbps /net/28141 AS-RIGHTFORGE Open
Rapid-Fire-y 151420 2001:504:1B:1::244 10Gbps /net/33473 AS-RAPIDFIREY Open
RADISHCLOUD TECHNOLOGY 201217 2001:504:1B:1::143 10Gbps /net/31620 AS-RADISH Open
PT Atharva Telematika Persada 47311 2001:504:1B:1::192 1Gbps /net/34205 AS47311:AS-ATHARVA Open
Prodigi Technology Services Limited 138398 2001:504:1B:1::195 10Gbps /net/19695 AS-PRODIGI Open
Pluxcon Network USA 57156 2001:504:1B:1::173 1Gbps /net/30684 AS-PLXN Open
Path Network Inc 396998 2001:504:1B:1::238 100Gbps /net/19028 AS-PATH Open
ParadoxNetworks Limited 52025 2001:504:1B:1::178 40Gbps /net/32984 AS52025:AS-KANSAS Open
Nova Networks, Inc 399976 2001:504:1B:1::243 10Gbps /net/28867 AS-NOVANETWORKS Open
North Kansas City Schools 19455 2001:504:1B:1::93 10Gbps N/A Open
Noelware, LLC 200182 2001:504:1B:1::186 1Gbps /net/32099 AS200182:AS-SET-NOELWARE Open
NOCIX 33387 2001:504:1B:1::24 10Gbps /net/12030 Open
NetActuate 36236 2001:504:1B:1::155 10Gbps N/A AS-NETACTUATE Open
NEGU 54309 2001:504:1B:1::214 10Gbps /net/33915 AS-NEGU Open
nDeviX 25861 2001:504:1B:1::22 1Gbps /net/3751 AS25861 Open
MrSheepNET 60326 2001:504:1B:1::150 10Gbps N/A AS-MRSHEEP Open
MoeQing Network, LLC 44324 2001:504:1B:1::208 10Gbps /net/34997 AS44324:AS-MD Open
Moe BGP Co. 1012 2001:504:1B:1::167 1Gbps /net/30334 AS1012 Open
Misaka Network Inc 57695 2001:504:1B:1::60 40Gbps /net/13789 AS-MISAKA Open
MIDnet 16970 2001:504:1B:1::242 10Gbps /net/24825 AS16970:AS-MIDNET-ALL Open
Michigan Tech Group, LLC 975 2001:504:1B:1::180 20Gbps /net/32094 AS975:AS-ALL Open
LSHIY LLC 955 2001:504:1B:1::134 1Gbps /net/30264 AS-LSHIY Open
Low End Network 210872 2001:504:1B:1::138 1Gbps /net/27794 AS-LEN Open
Level eighty-six communications 212483 2001:504:1B:1::174 1Gbps /net/30684 AS-86 Open
Kuehn Networks 399663 2001:504:1B:1::206 1Gbps /net/27256 AS-KUEHNNETWORKS Open
KKC Network 215364 2001:504:1B:1::147 1Gbps /net/35528 AS215364:AS-KKC-NETWORK Open
Kersip Operations LLC / Samuel SSH Network 137509 2001:504:1B:1::196 10Gbps /net/27446 AS-SAMUEL-SSH Open
KCIX Route Server #2 40542 2001:504:1B:1::254 1Gbps /net/12021 Open
Kazehana Networks LLC 30690 2001:504:1B:1::230 1Gbps /net/35128 AS30690:AS-PEERS Open
Kawaii Networks LLC 27523 2001:504:1B:1::241 10Gbps /net/35648 AS-KAWAIINETWORKS Open
June Slater 203729 2001:504:1B:1::26 1Gbps /net/13010 AS-IGLOO22225 Open
Johannes Ernst 212895 2001:504:1B:1::97 1Gbps /net/24015 AS-VM-JE Open
JCHost 17019 2001:504:1B:1::3 1Gbps /net/7905 Open
IT Networks 204829 2001:504:1B:1::209 1Gbps /net/30094 AS204829:AS-ALL Open
INCX Global, LLC 13737 2001:504:1B:1::38 10Gbps /net/7732 AS-IGL-112, AS13737 Open
IncogNET LLC 210630 2001:504:1B:1::213 10Gbps /net/31636 AS210630:AS-INCOGNET Open
iFog GmbH 34927 2001:504:1B:1::95 40Gbps /net/20164 AS-IFOG Open
Hyper Group Network Ltd. 216324 2001:504:1B:1::237 1Gbps N/A AS216324:AS-HN-NET Open
HyeHost LTD 47272 2001:504:1B:1::218 40Gbps /net/34220 AS47272:AS-HYEHOST Open
hkgo LLC 945 2001:504:1B:1::160 40Gbps /net/32047 AS-AUGUST Open
Hazelnet 200242 2001:504:1B:1::215 10Gbps /net/31956 AS200242:AS-ALL Open
GVVME 12186 2001:504:1B:1::70 1Gbps /net/16740 AS-GVVME Open
Google Cache 36040 2001:504:1B:1::14 100Gbps /net/4319 AS-GOOGLE Open
Frumentum Media 216107 2001:504:1B:1::226 1Gbps /net/34491 AS216107:AS-FRUMENTUM-CONE Open
Free Range Cloud Hosting Inc 53356 2001:504:1B:1::31 10Gbps /net/19664 AS-FRC Open
Fosshost CIC 211352 2001:504:1B:1::23 1Gbps /net/26869 AS211352:AS-ALL Open
Fastwyre Broadband 16604 2001:504:1B:1::221 100Gbps /net/22134 AS-HNET Open
Fairchild Family 211758 2001:504:1B:1::158 10Gbps N/A AS-FAIRCHILD Open
Exodo LLC 44876 2001:504:1B:1::217 1Gbps /net/17380 AS44876:AS-EXODO Open
Evalse 40916 2001:504:1B:1::224 40Gbps /net/24416 AS-EVALSE Open
EasyVM 26930 2001:504:1B:1::201 40Gbps /net/15519 AS-EASYVM Open
Dynamic Quantum Networks 200351 2001:504:1B:1::216 1Gbps /net/31857 AS200351:AS-ALL Open
Dominik Pohl 205848 2001:504:1B:1::228 40Gbps /net/30971 AS205848:AS-MAIN Open
Dominik Dobrowolski 210645 2001:504:1B:1::198 1Gbps /net/28389 AS-DOMINIK Open
DediOutlet LLC 399045 2001:504:1B:1::76 10Gbps /net/28102 AS-DO-PRIMARY Open
Cynthia Maja Revstrom 57782 2001:504:1B:1::94 1Gbps /net/17897 AS57782:AS-CMR Selective
CybrSecurity Corporation 393968 2001:504:1B:1::169 100Gbps N/A AS393968:AS-PEERS Open
CUBE 151062 2001:504:1B:1::176 10Gbps /net/29544 AS-CUBE Open
Cross Computing Services Limited 200639 2001:504:1B:1::17 1Gbps /net/17628 AS200639 Open
Cofractal, Inc. 26073 2001:504:1B:1::219 100Gbps /net/17036 AS-COFRACTAL Open
Cofractal, Inc. 26073 2001:504:1B:1::220 100Gbps /net/17036 AS-COFRACTAL Open
Cloudie Networks, LLC 924 2001:504:1B:1::151 40Gbps N/A AS-CLOUDIE:AS-KANSAS Open
Civilized Hosting LLC 216360 2001:504:1B:1::212 10Gbps /net/34043 AS-CIVILIZED Open
Chimon Technology Ltd 202939 2001:504:1B:1::235 1Gbps /net/16530 AS-CHIMON Open
Central States Security LLC 396236 2001:504:1B:1::43 1Gbps N/A Open
Billy Riantono 200775 2001:504:1B:1::189 1Gbps N/A AS-EPOXYTEL Open
Ben Cartwright-Cox 206924 2001:504:1B:1::29 1Gbps /net/13282 AS-BENJOJO Open
Ausra LLC 400818 2001:504:1B:1::172 10Gbps /net/31790 AS-AUSRA Open
Arpan Sen Network 142598 2001:504:1B:1::162 1Gbps /net/27550 AS-ARPAN Open
Aperture Networks 202562 2001:504:1B:1::44 1Gbps /net/13715 AS-APERTURE-NETWORKS Open
Ansible Networks 14570 2001:504:1B:1::161 10Gbps /net/23475 AS-IABAL Open
andrewnet 1003 2001:504:1B:1::153 40Gbps N/A AS-ANDREWNET Open
AllWorldIT ZA 328112 2001:504:1B:1::240 10Gbps /net/12230 AS-SET-AWITZA Open
All Neins LLC 399924 2001:504:1B:1::135 10Gbps /net/27365 AS-ALLNEINS Open
Alexandro Setiawan 199459 2001:504:1B:1::199 1Gbps /net/32682 AS199459:AS-GOLDPLATE Open
Akamai Technologies 20940 2001:504:1B:1::99 100Gbps /net/2 AS-AKAMAI Open
Adam Goodenough 210667 2001:504:1B:1::187 10Gbps N/A AS-AGTECH Open
Accuris Technologies Ltd. 52210 2001:504:1B:1::184 10Gbps N/A AS-ACCURIS, AS-ACCURIS Open
Aaron's Net 25608 2001:504:1B:1::11 10Gbps /net/24400 AS-AARONSNET Open
7Hoop Network Telecom 216440 2001:504:1B:1::225 40Gbps /net/34412 AS216440:AS-7HOOPNETWORK Open
7Hoop Network Telecom 216440 2001:504:1B:1::204 40Gbps /net/34412 AS216440:AS-7HOOPNETWORK Open
1530 Swift 14004 2001:504:1B:1::146 10Gbps /net/29212 AS14004 Selective
1102 Grand (Netrality): 73 Members
Network ▼ ASN KCIX IPv4 KCIX IPv6 Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
Xiber LLC 393950 2001:504:1B:1::80 10Gbps /net/10475 AS-XIBER Selective
WoodyNet 42 2001:504:1B:1::73 1Gbps /net/3924 AS-PCH Open
Wholesale Internet 32097 2001:504:1B:1::100 20Gbps /net/3266 AS-WHOLESALE-INTERNET Open
WANSIX 1421 2001:504:1B:1::4 10Gbps /net/31007 Open
Verisign 26415 2001:504:1B:1::41 1Gbps /net/9897 AS-GTLD Open
US Internet 10242 2001:504:1B:1::49 10Gbps /net/3996 AS-USINTERNET Open
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 7896 2001:504:1B:1::132 100Gbps /net/9106 AS7896:AS-NU Open
Uniti Fiber, LLC 13760 2001:504:1B:1::154 10Gbps N/A AS-UNITI Open
United Telecom 30174 2001:504:1B:1::57 10Gbps /net/23626 AS30174 Open
United Electric Cooperative Inc. 393442 2001:504:1B:1::81 10Gbps /net/19520 AS-UNITEDFIBER-CUSTOMERS Open
Unite Private Networks 15164 2001:504:1B:1::87 10Gbps /net/16192 AS15164:AS-ALL Selective
Unitas Global 1828 2001:504:1B:1::54 10Gbps /net/4278 AS-UNITAS Selective
Subspace Inc. 32261 2001:504:1B:1::139 10Gbps /net/16598 AS-SUBSPACE Open
State of South Dakota - BIT Network Technologies 33189 2001:504:1B:1::122 100Gbps N/A AS-REED-MEMBERS-I2 Open
SS&C Technologies 14792 2001:504:1B:1::140 10Gbps N/A AS14792 Open
SpringNet 21737 2001:504:1B:1::58 10Gbps /net/17830 AS-SPRINGNET Selective
Southwest MN Broadband 25715 2001:504:1B:1::53 10Gbps /net/15584 AS-SMBS Open
Socket Internet Services 4581 2001:504:1B:1::88 100Gbps /net/7298 AS-4581-AS-ALL, RS-SOCKETHOST-CUSTOMERS Open
Sho-Me Technologies, LLC 55140 2001:504:1B:1::78 10Gbps /net/17170 AS-SHO-ME-TECHNOLOGIES Open
Ritter Communications, Inc. 23404 2001:504:1B:1::148 100Gbps /net/7751 AS-RITTER Open
Rainbow Communications 1423 2001:504:1B:1::104 10Gbps /net/24667 AS-RAINBOW-COMMUNICAITONS Open
Park Hill School District 36112 2001:504:1B:1::47 10Gbps /net/6116 AS36112 Restrictive
Park Hill School District 36112 2001:504:1B:1::48 10Gbps /net/6116 AS36112 Restrictive
PacketHub S.A. 147049 2001:504:1B:1::205 10Gbps /net/29054 AS-SET-AS147049 Open
Packet Layer 63368 2001:504:1B:1::42 10Gbps N/A Open
Packet Clearing House 3856 2001:504:1B:1::74 1Gbps /net/286 AS-PCH Open
OzarksGo 395662 2001:504:1B:1::46 20Gbps /net/13349 AS-OZARKSGO Open
OneNet 5078 2001:504:1B:1::123 100Gbps /net/7156 AS-ONENETOK Open
Oath 10310 2001:504:1B:1::35 10Gbps /net/27 AS-YAHOO Selective
Oath 10310 2001:504:1B:1::45 10Gbps /net/27 AS-YAHOO Selective
NU-Telecom 23465 2001:504:1B:1::62 10Gbps /net/5755 AS23465:AS-NETWORKS Open
Network Tool and Die Company, In 26209 2001:504:1B:1::113 10Gbps N/A AS26209 Pending
Netflix 2906 2001:504:1B:1::37 20Gbps /net/457 AS-NFLX Open
Netflix 2906 2001:504:1B:1::13 20Gbps /net/457 AS-NFLX Open
Net Vision Communications, LLC 397732 2001:504:1B:1::105 10Gbps /net/20808 AS-NVC Open
Mutual Telephone Company 15165 2001:504:1B:1::82 10Gbps /net/16772 AS-MTC Open
MOREnet 2572 2001:504:1B:1::18 10Gbps /net/5149 AS-MORENET Open
Midcontinent Communications 11232 2001:504:1B:1::145 20Gbps /net/5189 AS-MIDCO Selective
Mercury Broadband 11597 2001:504:1B:1::236 10Gbps N/A PENDING Open
MENLO 15188 2001:504:1B:1::36 10Gbps /net/14055 AS15188 Open
Mark Twain Rural Telephone Company 10750 2001:504:1B:1::171 10Gbps /net/31695 RS-AS10750 Selective
LTN Global Communications 35777 2001:504:1B:1::203 10Gbps /net/33498 AS-LGC-59 Open
Limelight Networks 22822 2001:504:1B:1::112 100Gbps /net/4 AS-LLNW Selective
Liberty Connect 63457 2001:504:1B:1::118 10Gbps /net/13478 AS-63457:AS-ALL Selective
KwiKom Communications 53703 2001:504:1B:1::55 100Gbps /net/15734 AS-KWIKOM Open
Key Cooperative 40350 2001:504:1B:1::115 10Gbps /net/22569 AS-KEYCOOP Open
KCIX Route Server 40542 2001:504:1B:1::126 1Gbps /net/12021 Open
KCFiber/liNKCity 11708 2001:504:1B:1::19 10Gbps /net/9261 AS-KCFIBER Selective
Kansas Fiber Network, LLC 13329 2001:504:1B:1::40 30Gbps /net/15993 AS13329:AS-ALL Selective
KANREN 2495 2001:504:1B:1::15 100Gbps /net/4706 AS2495:AS-MEMBERS Open
Iowa State University of Science and Technology 2698 2001:504:1B:1::141 100Gbps /net/21457 AS-IAST-CONE Selective
Ideatek Telcom 27425 2001:504:1B:1::111 100Gbps /net/22554 AS-IDEATEK Selective
Hurricane Electric 6939 2001:504:1B:1::5 500Gbps /net/291 AS-HURRICANE, AS-HURRICANEV6 Open
Green Hills Communications 395040 2001:504:1B:1::144 100Gbps /net/29070 AS-GHTC Open
Great Plains Network 11317 2001:504:1B:1::136 100Gbps N/A AS-GPN-PX-MEMBERS Open
Great Plains Communications 13807 2001:504:1B:1::56 20Gbps /net/10703 AS-GPC-TRANSIT Open
Google Fiber 16591 2001:504:1B:1::30 100Gbps /net/5063 AS-GOOGLE-FIBER Open
Golden Belt Telephone 393796 2001:504:1B:1::200 10Gbps /net/32368 AS-GBTA Open
Glynn Devins Inc. 46574 2001:504:1B:1::59 1Gbps /net/16841 Selective
Fastly, Inc 54113 2001:504:1B:1::107 100Gbps /net/5520 AS-FASTLY Selective
Fastly, Inc 54113 2001:504:1B:1::114 100Gbps /net/5520 AS-FASTLY Selective
Facebook 63293 2001:504:1B:1::108 100Gbps /net/14490 AS-FACEBOOK Selective
Databank 13767 2001:504:1B:1::121 10Gbps /net/14296 AS-DATABANK Open
Conexon Connect 399898 2001:504:1B:1::207 100Gbps /net/30963 AS-CONEXONCONNECT Open
Cloudflare 13335 2001:504:1B:1::34 100Gbps /net/4224 AS-CLOUDFLARE Open
Circle Computer Resources, Inc. 30536 2001:504:1B:1::86 10Gbps /net/14721 AS-CCR Open
Chariton Valley 54579 2001:504:1B:1::130 10Gbps /net/28481 AS54579:AS-ALL Open
CableONE 11492 2001:504:1B:1::84 10Gbps /net/11493 AS-CBL1-ALL-AS-NUMBERS Selective
CableONE 11492 2001:504:1B:1::85 10Gbps /net/11493 AS-CBL1-ALL-AS-NUMBERS Selective
Broadwave 17303 2001:504:1B:1::21 10Gbps /net/14782 AS-17303 Selective
Bluebird Network 62943 2001:504:1B:1::20 100Gbps /net/10692 AS-BLUEBIRD Open
BankonIT 46416 2001:504:1B:1::32 10Gbps /net/8399 AS-BANKONIT Open
Aureon 5056 2001:504:1B:1::159 100Gbps N/A AS-AUREON-TRANSIT Open
Associated Computer Systems LTD 399206 2001:504:1B:1::124 10Gbps /net/26279 AS-ACSLTD Open
Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network 40581 2001:504:1B:1::137 100Gbps /net/3893 AS-40581-INET Open
Amazon 16509 2001:504:1B:1::131 400Gbps /net/1418 AS-AMAZON Selective
Amazon 16509 2001:504:1B:1::194 400Gbps /net/1418 AS-AMAZON Selective
AirLink Internet Services 27027 2001:504:1B:1::72 1Gbps /net/19625 AS27027 Open
1&1 Internet 8560 2001:504:1B:1::2 100Gbps /net/262 AS-IONOS Open
Joes Datacenter: 11 Members
Network ▼ ASN KCIX IPv4 KCIX IPv6 Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
rixCloud, Inc. 64271 2001:504:1B:1::89 1Gbps /net/16440 AS-RIXCLOUD Open
Radish Networks 399580 2001:504:1B:1::190 1Gbps /net/26652 AS399580:AS-RADISHNETWORKS Open
Puget Sound Networks, LLC 208188 2001:504:1B:1::103 1Gbps /net/20926 AS-PSNETWORKS Open
Peddie Institute 139742 2001:504:1B:1::157 10Gbps /net/21220 AS-RAYTONNE Open
nonexiste.net 26457 2001:504:1B:1::77 1Gbps /net/15931 AS-NONEXISTE Open
Netsolus 36489 2001:504:1B:1::8 1Gbps /net/11565 AS36489 Open
Joe's DataCenter 19969 2001:504:1B:1::10 10Gbps /net/3268 AS-JDC Open
IPv6GO 211358 2001:504:1B:1::117 1Gbps /net/26862 AS-IPV6GO Open
IP Pathways, LLC 393775 2001:504:1B:1::239 10Gbps /net/17812 AS-IPPATHWAYS Open
Cobaso, LLC 399866 2001:504:1B:1::149 1Gbps N/A AS-COBASO Open
Austole s.r.o. 201811 2001:504:1B:1::181 1Gbps /net/21583 AS-A Open
LightEdge Solutions: 2 Members
Network ▼ ASN KCIX IPv4 KCIX IPv6 Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
Terrahost AS 56655 2001:504:1B:1::142 10Gbps /net/10855 AS-TERRAHOST Open
LightEdge Solutions 11320 2001:504:1B:1::51 10Gbps /net/15009 AS11320:AS-ALL Selective
Minnesota VoIP: 19 Members
Network ▼ ASN KCIX IPv4 KCIX IPv6 Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
Woofy 396388 2001:504:1B:1::92 1Gbps /net/18190 AS-WOOFY Open
Wikstrom Telephone Company, Inc. 33362 2001:504:1B:1::79 10Gbps /net/4298 AS-WIKTEL Open
Verus Corporation 26156 2001:504:1B:1::66 1Gbps /net/8484 AS-VERUS-3 Open
TheIPGuys.Net, LLC 46131 2001:504:1B:1::98 1Gbps /net/23258 AS-THEIPGUYS-NET-LLC-DBA-ONENET Open
SupraNet Communications 4150 2001:504:1B:1::119 10Gbps /net/464 AS-SUPRANET-4150 Open
Stellar Association, LLC 36374 2001:504:1B:1::75 10Gbps /net/5781 AS-STELLAR-ASSOCIATION Open
Southfront Networks 397326 2001:504:1B:1::106 10Gbps /net/19066 AS-SFN-CUST Open
Paul Bunyan Communications 14371 2001:504:1B:1::68 10Gbps /net/3134 AS-PBC Open
Ostra LLC 26446 2001:504:1B:1::83 10Gbps /net/18646 AS26446 Open
Netnod Internet Exchange 8674 2001:504:1B:1::33 10Gbps /net/2971 AS-NETNOD Open
Nate Sales 34553 2001:504:1B:1::39 1Gbps /net/21511 AS34553:AS-ALL Open
Minnesota Voip 32621 2001:504:1B:1::63 10Gbps /net/4044 AS-TCVTRANSIT Open
Mach Dilemma 40138 2001:504:1B:1::232 10Gbps /net/9846 AS40138:AS-ALL Open
LES.NET (1996) INC 18451 2001:504:1B:1::120 10Gbps /net/3756 AS-LESNET Open
Implex.net 21709 2001:504:1B:1::197 1Gbps /net/4450 AS21709 Open
Hoyos Consulting LLC 53597 2001:504:1B:1::110 10Gbps /net/6273 AS-HOYOS-NETWORK Open
Genesis Technology 30032 2001:504:1B:1::67 1Gbps /net/12528 AS-GENTRANSIT Open
Consolidated Telephone Co. 64227 2001:504:1B:1::71 10Gbps /net/11507 AS-CTCTRANSIT Open
Compudyne, Inc 47096 2001:504:1B:1::64 10Gbps /net/11209 AS-COMPUDYNE-TRANSIT Open
STLIX Extension: 2 Members
Network ▼ ASN KCIX IPv4 KCIX IPv6 Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
MTC Communications 14363 2001:504:1B:1::175 10Gbps /net/21854 AS-MTCCOMM Open
Metro Communications 53610 2001:504:1B:1::164 100Gbps /net/8896 AS-METRO Open
7801 Nieman Rd (Netrality KC2): 0 Members
Network ASN KCIX IPv4 ▲ KCIX IPv6 ▲ Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
HOUIX Extension: 0 Members
Network ASN KCIX IPv4 ▲ KCIX IPv6 ▲ Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
SpringIX Extension: 0 Members
Network ASN KCIX IPv4 ▲ KCIX IPv6 ▲ Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
DesMoinesIX Extension: 0 Members
Network ASN KCIX IPv4 ▲ KCIX IPv6 ▲ Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy
SIOUIX Extension: 0 Members
Network ASN KCIX IPv4 ▲ KCIX IPv6 ▲ Port PeeringDB AS-SET Filter Peering Policy

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